How to Help Seniors Deal with Isolation


As humans, we naturally long for connection— a deep bond we share through our relationships. We engage in meaningful engagements such as communication and spending time together. Unfortunately, not everyone has access to these. At some point, we may find ourselves alone or isolated.

For a single senior living on his or her own, the feeling of isolation can hit hard. Going through the tasks of the day is already an effort. Stepping out of the house requires additional energy. Others may have just resigned to staying at home on their own.

This situation does not have to be the case. Our seniors deserve to feel the warmth of human connections and avoid feelings of isolation and loneliness. The family and the care provider play an important role in helping seniors.

It starts with a purpose. By relighting the fire inside them, the senior can find a reason to get up in the morning. It can be an old forgotten hobby, something they wish they had tried before, or something entirely fresh.

We encourage social interaction. Mobility and transportation can be easily addressed through technology. Social messaging platforms allow video calls that can connect them to their loved ones who are miles away.

Staying physically active, even the gentler exercises, can help a senior have a good shape. A simple walk in the garden or stair climbing does not need to go somewhere else.

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