Basic Etiquettes in Treating People with Disability


Interacting with persons with disabilities should not be different from how we interact with normal individuals. It is a golden rule to always treat people according to how we want to treat ourselves.

Respect them the way you want to be respected. Always remember that nobody owes you an explanation for why they are like that. These individuals do not have to explain why they are the way they are. As a provider of behavioral health services in Pennsylvania, it is necessary to include the following etiquettes too:

  • Speak to them right away because they know how to communicate.
  • Be patient with them as they are trying to communicate or move faster for you.
  • Ask them first if they need help and only help them if they will say that they need help.
  • Respect their personal space as much as how you want your space to be respected. Hence, don’t touch their belongings, rest, or lean on them without their permission.
  • Clearly announce your presence and introduce yourself. Not everyone is gifted with vision, hearing, and mobility. Therefore, announce your arrival by gently tapping their shoulders, wave your hand, or clearly announcing your presence to get their attention.

These are all necessary to portray when you interact with persons with developmental disabilities.

Apex Human Services, LLC is a provider of healthcare in Yeadon, Pennsylvania. Among the services we provide are programs for behavioral health and people living with developmental disabilities. We have curated these programs to help these individuals cope with their day-to-day lives. We designed our services with them in mind.

Learn more about the line of services we offer. Details are provided here on our website. Should you have questions, contact us.

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